$ US 4,256.00

- Food, Natural, Agriculture

24/04/2018 at 2:47 pm


AMMER MILLS GM 35 The Hammer Mill Has Unique Grinding Systems, Internal Ventilation And Is Motor Driven. It An Equipment Which Benefits The Producer With High Production, Low Energy Consumption And Safety. Its Durability And Efficiency Allow Makes It Good For The Processing Of Corn Grain, Sunflower-Seed Cake,
Cereal Husks, ‘Omena’, Maize Germ For Both Domestic And Commercial Applications.

1 Metallic Hopper With Cyclone
2 Internal Fan System That Revolves Around The Sieve.
3 Sieves In Various Diameters (Optional).
4.Electric Motor Coupled Directly On The Shaft Of The Crusher, Belt Or Coupled.
5 Hammers Facilitating The Milling.
6 Sieve Occupying The Largest Area Of The Grinding.
7 Crusher Cover With Four Screws And Knob.
8 Adjustable Electric Motor Base.

Machine Base With Rubber Shoe Avoiding The Fixation And Vibration Technical Specifications And Average Production In Kg/h. Corn With 13% Humidity

Model Screen Size/ Capacity Motor Hp Rpm
1 GM 30 3.2 Mm 1300/1400 Kg 30 3500 Price Ksh 426,000/=
2,GM 40 3.2 Mm 1700/2330 Kg 40 3500 Price Ksh 460,000/=
Model Screen Size
GM 30 8 Mm
1600 Kg/1700 Kg
GM40 1940 Kg/ 2700 Kg


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