Drum And Alfalfa Disc Mower With Conditioner 240 ) ( Numaan/Vasel )

$ US 8,000.00

- Food, Natural, Agriculture

07/02/2019 at 3:52 pm


It Has Two Groups As Disc Mowers And Disc Mowers With Conditioner. Oval-Shaped Two-Bladed Discs In The 240 Lawn And Alfalfa Disc Mowers With Conditioner Raises The Oblique Plants Via The Effect Of Airflow Generated During Rotation And No Outstanding Crops Are Left And Also It Provides High Productivity. There Is A Safety Mechanism In Order To Prevent The Damage That May Occur During The Impact On Hard And Large Objects. Our Disc Mower With Conditioner Equalizes The Drying Periods By Squeezing The Juice Sap In The Mowed Product Via The Helical Type Rubber Squeezing System In Order To Help The Dried Product To Fade And Dry Quickly. The Juice Sap Of The Plant Is Extracted Without Losing Its Nutritional Value Provides To Be Removed In A Shorter Period Of Time And To Have The Plants Of The Product Removed From The Land Without Being Defoliated.

Number Of Discs


Number Of Blades In The Disc


Required Power kw/hp

60 /70

P.T.O. (Power Take-Off Cycle)


Operation Width


Disc Speed

78.6 m/s


700 Kg

Fob Usd$8000


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